Moodytown Gardens Bg


Each season we are looking for 2-3 fulltime live in apprentices. Apprentices live, work, and eat with us from May through October and learn all aspects of the farm. Apprentices are asked to work 6 days a week doing a wide variety of chores that include planting, weeding, picking and washing, rock picking, and animal chores. We feel apprentices get a really good perspective of what it is like managing a small, diversified farm and we try to give each apprentice responsibility and opportunity so they can build the skills they want to develop throughout the apprenticeship.

Apprentices live with us so they also share the house duties. Apprentices are asked to cook one to two times a week, to do dishes two times a week, and to participate in weekly house cleaning. They are also expected to clean-up after themselves.

Apprentices are given free room and board and a small stipend. Special dietary needs are up to the apprentice to provide for. We offer home grown vegetables, meat, and locally produced dairy and bread.

If interested in applying, send us a letter if interest which includes information about you and why you want to apprentice with us. Letters of interest need to be sent by April 15th.