Moodytown Gardens Bg

Our Farm


Moodytown Gardens is a diversified farm located in Palmyra, Maine owned and operated by Jarret Haiss and Johanna Burdet. Our focus is cultivating around six acres of mixed vegetables for our CSA, farmers’ markets, for our farm stand, and for wholesale. We also raise pastured pork, laying hens, and flowers. Our mission is to grow healthy food which is financially available to the people in our community and to improve the health of our soil and land at the same time.

We started Moodytown Gardens in 2011 on the Moodytown Rd. in Cornville on Johanna’s parents land and we re-located the farm to Palmyra in 2013 to a gorgeous 75 acre property. We kept our name to honor the roots of our operation and because the name is quite fitting for the two of us.

We are in the process of renovating our farm back to health. It was abandoned for at least 6 years and was tilled and planted to cow corn the year before we took ownership. The house was inhabited by porcupines and raccoons and the barn was tipping farther and farther towards the east. Almost two years later, the barn has been jacked several times and we have been able to stabilize and improve the degradation. The house has been completely gutted and we are in the process of re-doing the interior. Our grounds show the biggest improvements. They have been cut-back, pruned, composted, picked-up, rock picked, and planted. We still have a long way to go, but we both agree that this is the most satisfying work the two of us have ever had the pleasure of doing.